Experience the ultimate family holiday aboard a luxury superyacht in the Whitsundays, where every moment is tailored to create unforgettable memories. Picture your family comfortably accommodated up to 10 guests, surrounded by the stunning natural landscapes of the coast and islands dotted with secluded beaches. With a dedicated crew ensuring your every need is met, you can immerse yourselves in the pristine waters of the Whitsundays, exploring the Great Barrier Reef and its abundant marine life. Whether it’s snorkelling in turquoise waters, enjoying gourmet dining under the stars, or simply basking in the luxury of your private vessel, a family holiday aboard a luxury superyacht promises an unparalleled blend of adventure and indulgence.

Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet Lookout: Embark on a full-day snorkelling cruise by boat to experience the pristine beauty of Whitehaven Beach and the stunning sand formations at Hill Inlet.

Island Resorts

Chartering a luxury yacht allows you to explore multiple island resorts effortlessly. With your magnificent yacht as your mode of transport, you can dock at resort marinas, seamlessly transitioning from the serene waters to the vibrant social scene ashore.

Snorkelling and Diving

The Great Barrier Reef surrounding the Whitsundays provides a myriad of underwater adventures. Snorkel in warm waters with fringing reefs, dive with manta rays, friendly wrasse, and curious sea turtles, and marvel at colourful reef fish amidst spectacular coral gardens.