Join the Elite Crew of a Super Yacht in Australia!

Why Choose the Super Yacht Industry in Australia?

The super yacht industry in Australia offers unparalleled opportunities to those seeking adventure and a rewarding career. Picture yourself cruising along the mesmerizing iconic Sydney Harbour all while honing your craft and fostering invaluable connections in the industry.

What We Seek

We are in search of passionate, skilled professionals who exude a genuine passion for their craft and a commitment to providing top-notch service. Flexibility, adaptability, and a team-oriented mindset are crucial in this ever-changing environment. Prior experience in luxury hospitality or the maritime sector is a plus, but if you possess a strong work ethic and an unwavering dedication to excellence, we want to hear from you!

Your Journey Starts Here

Sydney Boat Agency seeks individuals with diverse backgrounds and talents, all united by a common desire to deliver unparalleled hospitality on the high seas. If you possess an innate sense of elegance, an eye for detail, and an innate ability to anticipate guests’ needs, we want you to be a part of our crew.

What We Offer

Training Excellence

Our agency is committed to honing your skills and offering continuous training to elevate your expertise. From mixology workshops to culinary masterclasses, we ensure you are always ahead of the curve.

Flexible Work

on a variety of boats and events on different days and hours.

Career Advancement

At Sydney Boat Agency, we believe in nurturing talent from within. Our crew members have the opportunity to grow and advance in their careers, opening doors to exciting positions in the maritime and hospitality industries.

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